Hydraulic oil pump motor

Hydraulic oil pump motor

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  • Wire winding and belt winding technology by machine.
  • Motor casing machining technology on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine.
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Hong Ky Hydraulic Oil Pump Motor

Hydraulic motor is one of the vital components in systems operating with primary resources from oil, lubricants, or hydraulic fluid.

Its primary function is to convert hydraulic energy from pressure and flow into mechanical energy.

Once transmitted to the pump, the power is transformed into rotational mechanical energy. Thus, oil, lubricants, or any hydraulic fluid used in the process will be pushed and generate rotational motion force. They act on the pump component, thereby enabling continuous pumping operation.

Each type of hydraulic motor will be suitable for different fluids. Therefore, when choosing this product line, users need to understand the basic requirements of the system: explosion-proof capability, environmental friendliness, biofuel source.

Hydraulic oil pump motors have long been widely used in industries, manufacturing, and in our daily lives. Choosing the right hydraulic motor will bring high efficiency to work, increase productivity, and especially greatly assist users in their lives.

With decades of experience in researching and manufacturing electric motor engines, Hong Ky commits to providing customers with the best quality products, suitable for each specific usage requirement.

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