A guide to how to adjust the welding current

A guide to how to adjust the welding current

Date 06/05/2019
In welding, one of the top requirements is to adjust the current. The intensity of the current directly affects the quality and aesthetics of the weld.

This article guides adjustments in welding parameters Tig, Mig, Mag


Welding Parameters Mig - Mag - CO2
Measure the strength of electricity, the voltage of materials, the thickness of materials applied to welding machines according to international standards.




Ruler write parameters related to welding: thickness of welding materials, wire with drug core, automatic arc welding submerged.
Tutorial: Drag the measure to the thickness of the material, read the specifications in the appropriate window. The design of welded joints, lugs, position, size, welds, welds, are all conditions that affect the welding.





Ordinary materials such as: stainless steel, steel, etc., when dragging the ruler will display the corresponding materials and thickness thin detail of materials.


GLAW - TIG welding parameters



Use the same as the measurement of the Mig-Mag welding. CO2: Drag the ruler and select the corresponding parameter