Get started to mig welding (Part 2)

Get started to mig welding (Part 2)

Date 06/05/2019

1. Wire used in mig welding machine

  • Obtain the proper wire in mig welding machine India 
  • Use the same wire type as the material you are welding. For example, if you are welding stainless steel, use a stainless steel wire
  • For steel welding, there are two main types of wire. AWS ER70S-3 is all purpose steel wire. This is usually the most economical choice. AWS ER70S-6 is a high quality steel wire, designed for welding on rusty or dirty steel 
  • E71TGX requires no shielding gas . It is suited for welding in high winds and for painted on rusty materials 
  • Vary the diameter of your wire based on the thickness of the metals you are welding. Use thin wire for thin metals, and thicker wire for thicker metals. You may need a larger mig welding machine for thicker metals 

mig welding machine India 

2. Prepare the reel in mig welding machine

Tighten the tension on the reel so that the wire doesn't unravel due to its own tension. Make the first 3 inches ( 7.6 cm) of the wire as straight as possible to avoid tangles or damage to the line feeder. Use a wire cutter to trim the wire accordingly

mig welding machine India 

3. Feed the wire to the torch in mig welding machine

Insert the wire into the guide tube and feed it over the roller. Insert it in to the wire liner. If you have to use force, chances are that the wire is not aligned properly

Make sure the wire is free from rust or grease, this will cause bad welds. Use a dry cloth to clean any dirty wire before inserting it. wire will become rusty it left in the welder when not in use 

once the wire is inserted into the liner, turn the welder on and use the wire feed mechanism to push the wire through the welder

mig welding machine India 

4. Adjust the tension in mig welding 

Once your wire is fed through, you will need to adjust the tensioner. TO much tension will cause the mountings to bend, damaging the welder. Keep the tension at the minium amount that still allows the line to be fed through

Make sure to check the tension on the reel as well as on the line feeder. Both should be as low as possible