High-pressure washer Z18 by Hong Ky

High-pressure washer Z18

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  • Energy saving
  • Compact size
  • High pressure
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Machine Name High-pressure Washer Z18
Motor Type Pump Motor
Power 2000W
Power Supply Single phase 220 VAC/50Hz
Working Pressure Max 150 Bar
Flow Rate <= 8L/min
Machine Weight 10kg to 11kg
Dimensions 38.5x29.5x26.5


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Product Information

The Z18 high-pressure washer is a specialized device used for cleaning vehicles such as cars, motorcycles; workshop, warehouse, garden sanitation, or for watering plants. With a working pressure of up to 150 bar, 2000W power, this machine will help users quickly and cleanly accomplish the above tasks, saving time and costs.

The machine weighs 11kg, with a handle for convenient portability. Accessories included with the machine are: Spray hose, spray gun, suction hose, suction filter, suction hose connector to the machine, auxiliary tank, brush to clear the gun nozzle when clogged.

A special feature of this device is the spray nozzle with 2 spray modes: mist and jet, allowing users to easily adjust as needed.

Structural features:

1. The device uses single-phase electricity, saving energy, sturdy structure, compact size, high pressure, good suction speed, with gun and automatic stop function.

2. High efficiency, lightweight machine, convenient for transportation, reducing labor.

3. The device is equipped with quick-connect connectors, convenient for disassembly and assembly.

4. Pressure adjustment button: adjustable water flow pressure.

Purpose of use:
This product is designed for use in cleaning areas and objects outside the home, tools, vehicles, and boats, when using appropriate accessories approved by the manufacturer. The intended use relates to activities in environmental temperatures from 0°C to 40°C.

Machine operation: Connect the water supply hose (not provided) to the main water supply and the machine. Connect the product to the main water supply to ensure the main power switch is in the off position. Press the safety lock to release the gun handle. Press firmly by holding the trigger until there is a continuous flow of water to purge air in the machine and water supply hose. Release the trigger. Point the gun nozzle down. Press the safety lock to release the trigger. Press firmly on the trigger. Operate the On / Off switch.

- Cleaning and maintenance of various vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and ships.
- Disease prevention, disinfection, and cleaning of livestock farms.
- Cleaning swimming pools, hotels, hotel kitchens, markets.
- Assist in cleaning exterior walls, doors, windows, floors, bathrooms, and any difficult-to-clean corners or areas.
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