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Hong Ky News

Celebration for the 2016 Business Review, 2017 Strategic Orientation and the Hong Ky Company Year End Party

On 21/01/2017, the ceremony of 2016 business orientation, the 2017 strategic orientation and the party of the year, welcoming the new spring of Dau Ky of Hong Ky Company has just been held in the space of the village resort. Co Phuoc Loc Tho - Rong Viet Joint Stock Company, Hamlet 2 - Huu Thanh - Duc Hoa - Long An.

Dalat Vocational College - the 20th school awarded by Hong Ky Education

As part of the 2016 Education Sponsorship Program, representatives of Hong Ky Company recently visited and donated electronic welding equipment to Dalat Vocational College. This is the 20 th school to receive educational sponsorship from Hong Ky Company this year.

Nha Trang Vocational College - the 19th school received sponsorship welding machine from Hong Ky

Recently, representative of Hong Ky Company has visited and awarded educational sponsorship to Nha Trang Vocational College.

Hong Ky Co. donated gifts to the officials and employees

Hong Ky is a company and a long tradition . For more than 30 years of development , in addition to focusing on...

Hong Ky company strategic cooperation as an international financial group Chailease

Recently , the company Hong Ky met and signed the company cooperating with Chailease . By signing this , Hong Ky became...

Hong Ky sponsors for Wood Industry Anniversary

Wood Industry and Crafts Anniversary in the year of At Mui with the theme of Lunar New Year of Wood 2016 will be...
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