How to choose a good stick welding machine?

How to choose a good stick welding machine?

Date 06/05/2019

How to choose a good stick welding machine?

Currently there are many types of welding machines come from the brands with the cost and quality . Each type of welding machine will have unique advantages and suit the needs of each customer. We would like to offer a few criteria to choose the standard qualified stick welding machine

What is a stick welding machine?

 Welding machines, also known as an arc welding, are electrodes welding in the form of welding electrodes (usually casings) and have no protective gas. All operations (arc welding, welding , welding rod ...) are done manually by the welder.

stick welding machine

About stick welding machine has some advantages as follows:


  • Welded in every gestures in space.
  • Good conditions of outdoor, windy places
  • It is possible to weld on less cleaned surfaces.
  • Usable both DC and AC (alternating current)
  • During process, we draw on the experience of choosing stick welding machines as follows:

1. According to the thickness of the weld

Choosing the approriate welding machine for the thickness of the weld is essential to meet demands of each job. You can rely on the following formula to find a compatible welding machine:

Power of welding machine (amperes) = [Welding thickness (mm): 0.025

2. Base on voltage

Mini welding machines with welding currents from 160A to 250A are commonly used with 220V 1 phase voltage.
Electronic welding machines with welding currents from 250A to 500A: Generally designed for 3 phase 380V.

3. Welding current, customized according to the type of welding rod

You can refer to some common cases using welding rods corresponding to machine capacity as follows:

Range of use AC / DC welding current

customized according to the type of welding rod

4. Selection of the welding source

AC/DC sources can be used for manual arc welding, however only one-dimensional welding is suitable for most metals and all types of welding electrodes. So choosing the source of welding should be based on the welding material that you will weld.
All types of welding rods are available on one-way welding machines. Meanwhile, welding on AC machines some ferrous and nonferrous metal electrodes for arcs are unstable. Welding electrodes used on AC welding machines must contain a substance to stabilize the arc in the sheath.
Typically a DC welding machine will be easier to use than an AC machine.
In cases where the area welded should be placed away from the welding machine, it is recommended to use AC welding machines and limited welding coils.
When welding thin sheets should choose a one-way welding machine and solder pliers into the cathode of the machine to minimize the burning of broken welding plate ...
When using small diameter electrodes, DC welding machines are more advantageous than rotating machines and are capable of causing arc and maintaining arc.
Above are some basic criteria to choose the type of rod welding machine is suitable for use purposes to improve work efficiency and quality of finished products as well as bring the highest economic efficiency.