Safety principle in the use of welding machines

Safety principle in the use of welding machines

Date 06/05/2019

Welding machines are used daily to welder and mechanics. As electrical equipment, it is also important to ensure electrical safety in using welding machine. However, this problem was not paid attention to by many welders. In order to use welding machine safely , please note the following guidelines:

Prevent electric shock in handling welding machine
Absolutely do not touch directly on the conductive components of the machine because it is prone to electric shock or burns.
Protect for safety welds and ground with insulators in enough distance 
Before removing, install the components of the machine to disconnect the power supply.
Regularly check the safety of the power cable. If the cable is eroded even small spot or scratched, replace the cable.
Turn off all devices if they are not in use
Always wear protective clothing to prevent risk.
Be careful with welding in humid environments or in difficult poses such as kneeling, lying ..
To buy a welding machine, pay attention to the machine's anti-shock ability.

Hong Ky electronic welding machine is designed with anti-shock mode, safe in humid atmosphere.

Prevention of burn threats
Many new welders have to "give up" because of problems like eye pain or burns caused by welding arcs. Almost these problems that all welders also encounter, including professional workers if they do not paid attention to safety.

Therefore,mask or welding glasses should be worn to avoid welding arc damage to the eye when they use welding machines. Besides, protective clothing should be made of thick, fireproof materials.

In the case of light-headed eyes, you should apply ice to reduce the swelling and  then drop 1-2 eyedrops of cyclopentolate 1%.

Avoid inhaling welding smoke and gas
Welding will produce welding smoke and gas. Smoke is bad for health if we inhale it for a long time. Therefore,  you should sit or have the posture to avoid direct inhalation of welding smoke during welding. Wearing the mask not only avoids burns but also inhalation of welding smoke.

Fire safety in using welding machine.
In the welding process, slag welding usually splash around. This implies that there is a great risk of insecurity when welding operations take place in the surroundings where explosive materials are placed. Therefore, before welding, it is necessary to investigate and evaluate the safety of the surrounding environment. You should move flammable objects and equipment out of the welding area. In case they can not move, cover them with fireproof materials.