Shielded welding technique on thin steel to avoid puncturing

Shielded welding technique on thin steel to avoid puncturing

Date 06/05/2019

Although in the welding process there are usually guidelines of selection of shield welding and welding current intensity in accordance with the thickness of each material to ensure the best welding quality. Welder's skill is also extremely important.

In welding of thin steel is prone to punctured by the use of welding rods too large and too high welding currents. The welded object is also prone to perforation due to the operator's excessive pulling.

To avoid puncturing, you should choose welding rods of small diameter in welding thin metal, selecting welding material

Adjust the welding current with the shielded welding machine: Corresponding to the small diameter welding rod, we will adjust the intensity of welding current small to avoid material flow.

About the operation of welding rods

You should weld short spans, and do not drag too long  that will cause puncturing materials. The break speed is also slower than thicker materials to  thin materials,. This means that only slow welding to prevent overheating of the weld.