Technical guide for tin soldering

Technical guide for tin soldering

Date 06/05/2019

1. The material is neccessary to make beautiful welds:

- Clean welding sponges, use absorbent cotton cloth to clean the solder during welding, besides use foam sponge.

- Select quality solder tin.

- Using a welding torch 40 - 60W.

- Liquid resin (for stickers, if you do not cover tin and not green).

- Putin.

- Swab.

2. Steps to make a beautiful solder.

- Clean the tool foot with a soft cloth that is putty-permeable (skip this step if it is not covered with tin and tin).

- Adjust the torch at a temperature of 320 to 350 degrees C, depending on the type of tin (for welding 40 or 60W no adjustment).

- Apply a thin layer of resin to the welding area.

- Wipe the welding torch, place the bevel angle 45 degrees to the foot of the component (0.5mm component parts) within no more than 1s to warm up the component. Push the tin tip slowly between the tip of the torch and the torch and simultaneously bring the torch head to the base of the torch. Make a rhythmic combination of these two operations until enough tin is available. Then lift the tin, the tip of the welding torch in the position of rotation to 10 degrees. Fast and definitive removal of the torch. The results are round and shiny welds.

- After finishing the circuit board, brush paint or soft cloth absorb a small amount of putin to clean the circuit board.

The result is good clean and gloss welds.