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Transformer W.Machine

    Welding transformers are a renowned and trusted product line in the Vietnam market. Hong Ky Welding Transformers are manufactured based on advanced research and are trusted by customers. The machines offer powerful performance, convenient design, and high durability.

    With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and distributing machines nationwide, we continuously improve and enhance product quality to meet the increasing demands of our customers. We also tirelessly design and manufacture various new types of machines to serve the Vietnamese and global markets.

    Currently, Hong Ky's welding machine products have been improved and their quality enhanced with high-precision machining, long-lasting performance, and energy efficiency. As a high-quality Vietnamese brand, Hong Ky's welding machines consistently meet customer needs. Hong Ky produces a variety of different types of welding machines. Therefore, to purchase a product that suits your specific needs quickly and conveniently, please contact us for consultancy.

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