Spot welding machine HK HB04KB

Spot welding machine HK HB04KB

Code: HK HB04KB
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  • Designed for sheet metal welding (steel, stainless steel), the HK HB4KB spot welder is utilized in the iron engineering and construction industries.
  • The welding tips are made from a durable copper alloy to ensure longevity and performance.
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Specification HK HB4KB
Input Voltage (V) 220V
Thickness: 2 pieces (mm) 0.5 - 2.5
Throat depth (mm) 350
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Output power (KVA) 4
Welding s(Kg) 70
Product Information

Introducing the renowned and trusted product line, the Hong Ky HK HB4KB spot welder is the result of advanced research and enjoys a strong reputation in Vietnam market.

Powerful and Precise

The HK HB4KB belongs to the electronic spot welder category with a robust 4 KVA output power, operating at a frequency of 50/60 Hz. It can effectively spot weld steel with thicknesses from 0.5mm to 2.5mm, and a 350mm welding arm length. The high working capacity of this machine enables efficient and speedy spot welding. It is controlled by an electronic circuit system manufactured and assembled in Vietnam, meeting Japanese standards, ensuring the utmost precision. The welding electrodes are made from durable copper alloy.

Spot welding, or resistance spot welding, is an electrical welding method where welding occurs only at specific points rather than across the entire contact surface. The HK HB4KB electronic spot welder is specifically designed for applications in the iron and construction engineering industries, as well as the automotive sector. It excels in pre-fabricated house construction and workshops.

Convenient Design

With an average weight of 70 kg, the HK HB4KB features a modern, compact, and robust design, allowing users to save space when placing it in their workshops. The machine is equipped with four rolling wheels at the base, making it convenient for users to transport it on various terrains, either by pulling or pushing.

Safety and Energy Efficiency

Thanks to its design, which incorporates excellent electrical conductive materials with a high-quality secondary circuit, the HK HB4KB spot welder is energy-efficient. Its simple structure minimizes noise during operation. Absolute safety is ensured through the application of advanced insulation techniques throughout the entire system.

Like other Hong Ky welding products, the HK HB4KB comes with a 24-month official warranty.

Currently, Hong Ky continuously improves and enhances the quality of its welding machines, emphasizing high precision in manufacturing and durable performance while saving energy. These high-quality Vietnamese products always meet customer needs. Hong Ky manufactures various types of welding machines. To purchase a product that suits your specific needs quickly and conveniently, please contact us for consultancy.


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