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+ Hot Start: ignites the arc more easily and faster.

+ Arc Force: stabilizes the arc, avoid sticky electrode or arc interruption.

+ Simple control.

+ Duty cycle: 40% @ 120A, 80% @ 80A (40°C).

+ Plastic suitcase: easy for carriage and storage.

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Product Parametert
Specification HK 120F
Input Power 1 pha 220V 
Rated Welding Output 120A, 24.8V DC,40% Duty Cycle
Amperage Range (A) 20 - 120A
Voltage Range (V) 20.8 - 24.8 V
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage DC 60
Amperage Input At Rated Load Output  23.7 A
Power Output (KVA) 5.2
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 300x130x246
Weight (Kg) 4.6
Information product

HK120F mini MMA welding machine for housework

The HK120F mini MMA welding machine has been researched and manufactured by Hong Ky exclusively for housework. The machine has a compact design with a weight of only 4.6 kg.

The machine and all accessories are stored in a suitcase, very convenient to carry.

Accessories include:

+ 1 electrode holder with cable

+ 1 work clamp with cable

+ 1 welding hand screen

In daily life, you must have encountered these cases: a soup pot with broken handle, stainless steel chair "losing" one leg, the hammock stand is no longer intact… Many people choose the solution to bring the defective object to a mechanic shop. Others discard the stuff. Owning the welding machine HK120F, you will not waste time or money reparing it. Don't even need to throw it away! Just spend a few minutes to weld, the items will return to their original state, ready to use.


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