MMA welding machine HK160A

MMA welding machine HK160A

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  • The machine is designed compact and portable.
  • Used with a wide range of voltages, from 180VAC to 250VAC.
  • The real rated output current is 160A, which can be used continuously with 3.2mm welding rods.
  • Including overload and overheating protection functions.
  • Including hot start function, which makes it easy to ignite during welding.
  • Including force function that automatically compensates for the current during welding.
  • More saving energy than traditional welding machines.
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Product Information

The HK160A MMA welding machine is researched and manufactured in Vietnam by Hong Ky. The machine is small and weighs only 4.6kg, making it easy to. It is designed to be used in homes and small machine repair shops.

The HK 160A is for non-professional users, such as fresh welders and students. As a result, it has a very simple design that anyone can use.

The HK 160A has many smart features that help users work faster and more efficiently.

The hot start function automatically increases the maximum current when the welding rod is sticking, making it easy to ignite the welding process. It is especially useful for welding in humid conditions, with damp welding rods, or on dirty surfaces.

The arc force function automatically provides a maximum current to compensate for the arc during the welding. It helps to stabilize the arc, prevent arc interruption, and avoid rod sticking.

More saving energy compared with traditional welding machines.

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Accessories included:

  • Electrode Holder with 3 m Cable;
  • Work Clamp with 2 m Cable

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