MMA welding machine HK 215A

MMA welding machine HK 215A

Code: HK 215
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  • The machine can be used even at a low power supply >180V.
  • It saves 50% - 60% of energy compared to traditional welding machines.
  • High efficiency with overloading, overheating, and unstable power protection mode.
  • Welding materials: Iron, Stainless Steel, creating beautiful welds, suitable for various projects.
  • Applications: Welding iron gates, Stainless Steel, household items, industrial, and construction projects.
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Product Information

HK 215 stick welding machine is a compact and modernly designed product with powerful capacity, suitable for various construction projects. Hong Ky is a renowned brand that has been supplying Vietnamese welders with the most efficient and durable working tools.

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To meet the diverse needs of customers, Hong Ky has introduced various types of welding machines and expanded our distribution network. To ensure you purchase the right product that suits your needs, please feel free to contact us for details before making a purchase.

Accessories included:

  • 3m welding pliers cable
  • 2m mass clamp cable


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