MMA welding machine HK 250A

MMA welding machine HK 250A

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  • Anti-shock function
  • IGBT technology
  • Quick ignition with Hot Start
  • Automatic arc compensation with Arc Force
  • Continuous welding with 4.0mm electrodes
  • High burning efficiency
  •  Suitable for light industrial welding (workshops)
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Product Information

With enhanced features and powerful welding capability, the HK250A stick welding machine ensures the users a great experience and high workflow efficiency.

Impressive and attractive appearance

Similar to designing other welding machines, Hong Ky pays attention to its exterior design. This not only adds value to the machine but also makes it easy to use for welders.

The HK250A welding machine is covered by a yellow exterior. The front panel displays function buttons for machine control, while the back panel includes a cooling fan, power cables, and ground cable connections.

Weighing 9.2kg, the machine is moderately lightweight, making it portable for users. The upper part of the machine is equipped with a sturdy handle, suitable for carrying.


Powerful welding capability

The HK250A electronic welding machine has a welding current of up to 250A, enabling it to use electrodes up to 5.0mm in size.

The duty cycle reaches 35% at 250A under conditions of 40°C. The welding machine can operate continuously for 3.5 minutes at 250A without overheating.

Special features

The HK250A has several outstanding features that provide maximum support to users during their work.

Arc Force function

When there is a short circuit, the Arc Force works and provides a welding current higher than 20-50% of the initial set current. This feature helps stabilize the arc, reduce electrode sticking, and prevent arc interruption during low currents.

Anti-shock function

This function protects users and the machine in a damp environment. When turning on the anti-shock button, the no-load voltage automatically reduces to 19-22V, minimizing the risk of electric shock.

Hot Start Function

The welding current is automatically adjusted to be higher than the initial set current when igniting. This feature supports easy ignition, even in challenging conditions such as damp electrodes, rough or unclean surfaces, or when using difficult-to-ignite welding rods.

Overload and overcurrent indicator light

When the internal temperature of the machine exceeds the allowed level or the machine is in an overcurrent situation, the light will alert the user.

The HK250A electronic welding machine is highly suitable for light industrial use. However, users should note that due to its powerful capacity, it cannot be directly plugged into an electrical outlet and requires a connection to a circuit breaker.

If you are planning to purchase a high-capacity, stable, and durable welding machine, don't hesitate to own the HK250A Stick welding machine. We guarantee that it will help you work effectively and achieve high efficiency.


Accessories included:

  • Cable Connectors.
  • Supply power via miniature circuit breaker
  • Extension terminal DK J35-50 (Quantity: 2)
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