MMA welding machine HK 400A

MMA welding machine HK 400A

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  • IGBT technology
  • Duty Cycle 100%
  • 2 knobs for welding current and arc force adjustment
  • Quick ignition with Hot Start
  • Stable arc with Arc Force
  • Energy-saving mechanism
  •  Output power true 400A
  • Continuous welding with 5.0mm electrodes
  • Suitable for heavy-duty industries
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Product Information

HK400A Stick Welding Machine Overview

The HK400A MMA welding machine belongs to Hong Ky's standard mainstream line. It has a powerful capacity, using electrodes up to 6mm, and is favored by many welders due to its smart features.

Modern and easy-to-use interface

The HK400A is covered by its yellow and black color scheme. Overall, the machine is quite large, weighing up to 33kg.

Due to its substantial weight, Hong Ky has equipped it with two sturdy iron handles, making it easy for users to move the machine.

On the front panel of HK400A, users can find function buttons for control. The back panel has a cooling fan, power switch button, and power input.

Powerful capacity

HK400A provides a power output of up to 400A. It performs well with electrodes from 2.6mm to 6mm in size. The duty cycle reaches 100% at 40°C, allowing HK400A to continuously weld at 400A without overheating.

With its strong capacity, HK400A is highly suitable for heavy-duty industrial applications such as steel structure construction, pressure vessel manufacturing, and shipbuilding...

Possesses efficient features

Arc Force: When the rod sticks to the workpiece, the Arc Force function adjusts the arc to provide a welding current higher than 20-50% of the initial welding current. This helps stabilize the arc, reduce sticking, and prevent arc interruption during welding.

Hot Start: Automatically adjusts the current to be higher 50-100A than the initial set current when igniting. This helps quick and easy ignition, even in challenging conditions such as damp electrodes, rough or unclean welding surfaces, or when using difficult-to-ignite welding rods.

Cooling fan mechanism: The cooling fan only starts when the internal temperature of the machine reaches approximately 52°C. After cooling and the internal temperature drops to around 40°C it will automatically stop. This feature helps save energy and avoid intaking dust into the machine.

Digital display: The current adjustment knob and the digital display allow control of the welding current intensity during setup.

The HK400A electronic welding machine has the most powerful capacity among Hong Ky's mainstream MMA machines. Therefore, it is highly suitable for use in heavy-duty industries. Call us at (+84) 909 073 505 for a consultant if you are considering purchasing this product.

Accessories included:

Cable Connectors DK DKJ70-95 (Quantity: 2)

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