Multi-process Gasless welding machine HKMIG200D

Multi-process Gasless welding machine HKMIG200D

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  • Integration of three welding processes: TIG/MIG/MMA (stick).
  • Gasless MIG welding - convenient and cost-effective.
  • "Hot Start" function for easier arc ignition when using stick electrodes.
  • "Arc Force" function for stable arc and reduced electrode sticking.
  •  Application in light industries and structural steel constructions.
  • Performs well on steel and stainless steel, especially capable of welding flux-cored wire gasless protection on steel materials
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Product Information

The HK MIG200D is not only multifunctional but also possesses outstanding features that provide maximum support for users.
 "4-in-1" welding machine

- Convenient, cost-effective, and highly efficient

Instead of buying separate welding machines for different needs such as STICK or MIG or TIG and additional equipment and accessories like gas cylinders, wire reels, welding helmets, etc. In the end, this will cost much for users.

With the HK Mig 200D, all three welding methods are integrated into one machine. Users only need to press a single button to switch to the desired welding method conveniently. In addition, the simple design allows for quick assembly and operation, saving time.

Compared to other MIG welding machines, the HK Mig 200D is much more compact. This supports users in carrying it anywhere, cleaning and maintenance are also much simpler.

Multi-process Gasless welding machine HKMIG200D

Multi-process machine, especially notable for the gasless MIG welding function

The HK Mig 200D integrates three welding methods: TIG/MIG/MMA. For MIG welding, the machine can be used in two ways: WITH GAS and GASLESS.

Gasless MIG welding: Uses flux-cored wire with an outer diameter of 200mm and wire sizes of 0.8-1.0mm.

MIG welding with gas: is used with solid wire of 200mm outer diameter and wire sizes of 0.8-1.0mm. Requires CO2 gas cylinder. Suitable for welding steel and stainless steel.

Stick (MMA) welding: Can weld electrodes up to 4.0mm in size. Smooth electrode arc ignition, suitable for household and construction use.

TIG welding: Can use tungsten electrodes with diameters of 1.0-2.4mm. Particularly, the Lift TIG function provides precise and durable welds.
Outstanding features that support users

To ensure stable operation and high productivity, Hong Ky's team of experts and engineers has developed the best features for the machine:

Fast arc ignition with "Hot Start": The initial welding current is higher than the initial set current by 20-50%, corresponding to the value adjusted in the HOT-START parameter. This facilitates easy arc ignition, especially under challenging conditions such as damp electrodes or unclean workpiece surfaces.  

Adjustable arc force: When the electrode sticks to the workpiece, the welding current automatically increases by 20-50% compared to the initial set current, which the user can adjust in the Arc Force parameter. This helps stabilize the arc, reduce electrode sticking, and prevent arc interruption during welding.

Duty cycle is 20% for MIG welding, 40% for MMA welding, and 30% for TIG welding at 30°C. For MIG welding, the HK Mig 200D can continuously weld for 2 minutes at a 200A current without overheating under normal conditions.

User-adjustable parameter settings

Automatic parameter settings allow even non-professional users to weld easily.

Recent setup memo for convenient operation in subsequent uses. Additionally, HK MIG 200D is designed to be simple and has a suitable weight, making it usable for female users as well.

The multi-function MIG, TIG, and stick welding machine

The gasless HK Mig 200D welding machine is Hong Ky's dedicated product. We hope that this machine will bring users convenience, cost savings, and efficiency to their works.

If you wish to own this product, you can place an order on our website or contact us at (+84) 909 073 505. We will consult to help you choose the most suitable product.

Accessories included:

  • MIG torch, with a 3m welding cable.
  • Welding nozzle.
  • Gas nozzle for solid core wire and flux-cored wire requiring gas protection.
  • Gasless nozzle for flux-cored wire gasless protection.
  • Wire feeder
  • V-groove Drive roll for solid core wire of Steel and Stainless steel materials, groove sizes 0.8 and 1.0mm.
  • Knurled groove roller for flux-cored wire of Steel and Stainless Steel materials, groove sizes 0.8 and 1.0mm.
  • MMA Electrode holder, with a 3m welding cable.
  • Mass clamp with a 2m cable.
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