MIG welding machine HK MIG 250S3

MIG welding machine HK MIG 250S3

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  • Multi-process welding machine: MIG welding with gas, gasless MIG welding, and MMA (stick) welding.
  • Switch for selecting welding wire size.
  • Energy-saving with a cooling fan.
  • Direct adjustment of functional buttons on the wire feeder.
  • Improve arc stability by inductance function.
  • Switch for selecting 2T or 4T gun control function
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Product Information

Multi-function welder: MIG welding with gas, gasless MIG welding, and MMA (stick) combined in one machine, providing convenience for work. The HK MIG 250S3 is a rare welding machine on the market that integrates both welding methods in one machine. It can perform both MIG and stick welding, ensuring productivity and quality to meet users' needs.

MIG welding machine HK MIG 250S3

For MIG welding: current output ranging from 100 to 250A. It performs well with wire diameters of 0.8 - 1.2 mm. It can weld most types of welding wires available on the market, including gasless flux-cored wires.

For stick welding: The output current ranges from 20 to 250A. It can be used with electrode diameters ranging from 2.6 to 5.0mm.

Special feature: The machine has a 100% duty cycle at 30°C, allowing continuous welding at 250A in normal conditions without overheating, whether for MIG or stick welding.

Having multiple outstanding features, providing high support for users. For the MIG welder line, specifically the HK MIG 250S3, Hong Ky pioneers the development of the best features to help users work efficiently and safely.

LED overheating and overload indicator: When the machine's temperature exceeds the limit or the input power is unstable, the LED lights up to alert the user. This will protect the device and its equipment.

LED indicator for welding status: This is a new feature that signals to the user that the machine is in welding, preventing the risk of electric shock.

Energy-saving cooling fan: When the machine's temperature reaches 52°C, the fan operates and automatically stops when the temperature drops to around 40°C. This mechanism maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes dust intake into the machine.

Direct wire feeder adjustment: In addition to the function buttons located on the front panel of the machine, users can also adjust the wire feed speed and voltage for each type of material directly on the wire feeder. This makes it easier for users, especially when moving away from the welding machine.

Improved arc stability through inductance function: Adjusts the slope of the output power to improve arc stability and minimize spatter during welding.

Equipped with two displays showing pre-welding and during-welding parameters. This is a unique feature of the HK MIG250S-3, allowing users to easily monitor and set parameters for preparation before welding.

Modern appearance in lucky yellow.

The HK MIG 250S3 belongs to the standard line, suitable for the needs of welders working in mechanical processing workshops, construction of steel structures, and shipbuilding.

The machine weighs 20kg and has two convenient handles for easy carrying. It operates on 380V ±15% 3-phase.

The machine is protected by a yellow powder-coated steel plate. The interface is designed to be simple and modern. The function buttons are arranged logically to easy operation for users.

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Accessories included:

•             MIG gun with a 3m long cable.

•             Wire feed rollers: V-groove rollers used for solid-core wire of Steel and Inox materials, with groove sizes of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm.

•             CO2 flow meter - 36VAC.

•             Welding carriage with a 10m long cable and gas hose.

•             DK J35-50 long connecting post.

•             Mass clamp with a 5m cable.

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