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VRD device.

Discrete IGBT.

Hot Start function.

Arc Force function.

Welding has suddenly become so delightful!

7 meters of welding cable made of 100% cooper internally.

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Product Parametert
Specification HK 200A
Input Power 1 pha 220VAC
Rated Welding Output 200A, 28 V DC 20% Duty cycle tại 40⁰C
Amperage Range (A) 20-200A
Voltage Range (V) 20,8-28 V
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage DC 60 V
Amperage Input At Rated Load Output 50/60HZ , 3-Phase 47 A
Power Output (KVA) 10,3
Dimension (L*W*H) (mm) 375x155x295
Weight (Kg) 6,5 kg
Information product

If you have ever been satisfied with HK200A (MOSFET), this is a product you should not ignore because the quality, durability, features and design are all superior to its predecessor.

Modern, simple, easy-to-use design

Similar to the "brother" HK200A MOSFET, HK200A IGBT MMA welding machine also puts on a yellow cover that brings luck to the owner.

In terms of front and rear design, both machines are basically the same. However, on the HK200A IGBT, there is a VRD device on the front, a function which HK200A MOSFET does not have.

To avoid scratches, there are 8 pieces of hard plastic at 8 corners of the machine. The handle is slimmer, making it easier for users to hold and carry.

Compared to the external design, the HK200A IGBT MMA welding machine is somehow "better" than its predecessor.

The design has been refined beautifully. The functional controls on the front are arranged logically to make it easy for user to use.


Hong Ky inverter welding machine in general and HK200A IGBT welding machine in particular both possess outstanding features to improve working efficiency, save power, and produce beautiful bright, slag-free welds.

Arc Force: provides a 20-50% higher welding current compared with the designed welding current, helps in stabilizing the arc, reduces stickiness and arc-broken when welding even at low welding current.

Hot Start: automatically adjust welding current about 20-50% higher than the initial welding current. Initiate weld more easily, especially when welding in difficult conditions such as wet electrode, rough and unclean welding surfaces

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