MMA welding machine HK 200A
Electronic Welding Machine HK200A by Hong Ky Hong Ky Welding Rod Machine 200A

MMA welding machine HK 200A

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  • Anti-shock function
  • IGBT technology
  • Hot Start function
  • Autol arc force compensation
  • Continuous welding with 3.2mm rods
  • 100% copper welding wire 7m
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Product Information

The HK200A IGBT stick welder is with modern, and easy-to-use design, and with an anti-shock function button on the front side - a feature that HK200A Mosfet doesn’t have.

To prevent collisions and scratches, Hong Ky also adds 8 hard plastic parts at the 8 corners of the machine. The handle is also slimmer, making it easier for users to hold and carry.

In terms of external design, the HK200A IGBT stick welder has a more good-looking compared to its previous version.

The design is improved to have a more refined and attractive appearance. The buttons on the front side are also scientifically displayed, making it easy for users.

Superior features of HK200A

Almost Hong Ky's MMA/stick welders generally possess outstanding features that enhance work efficiency, save energy, and create good-looking welds.

Arc-Force Adjustment Function: When there is a short-circuit (welding rod sticking to the workpiece), the arc force is adjusted to provide a welding current 20-50% higher than the initial set current. This helps stabilize the arc, reduce rod sticking, and prevent arc interruption during welding even at low currents.

Hot-Start Auto Welding Current Adjustment: The Hot-Start function auto increases the welding current by 20-50% than the initial set current when igniting the arc. This makes the machines start easily, even under challenging conditions such as damp welding rods, rough and dirty surfaces, or when using difficult-to-ignite welding rods.

Anti-Shock Function: This safety feature ensures a safer working condition. The no-load voltage will automatically decrease to about 19-22V when no load, minimizing the risk of electric shock.

Special Feature: The welding current intensity reaches up to 200A, capable of welding electrode sizes up to 5.0 mm. The duty cycle is 20% at 200A under 40oC conditions, allowing continuous welding in 2 minutes at 200A without overheating.

What are the differences between HK200A IGBT and HK200A MOSFET?

Apart from the basic differences in external design, the most significant difference between the two is the operating technology.

The older version, HK200A, operates with MOSFET technology, while the new version, HK200A IGBT, operates with IGBT technology.

At this point, we will obvious think about comparing the two technologies.

Users who have used the HK200A MOSFET will be satisfied with its quality and durability. The machine equipped with MOSFET technology have a longer lifespan compared to casual welding machines. Moreover, it operates at higher current and frequency than the machine that equipped with IGBT technology.

However, this doesn't mean that the HK200A IGBT doesn’t have its own advantages. The standout feature of this product is its power efficiency and high load capacity.

Do we need to buy the HK200A IGBT if we already had the MOSFET version?

Both the HK200A MOSFET and HK200A IGBT are products researched, designed, and manufactured by Hong Ky in Vietnam.

If you plan to buy a welding machine for basic welding tasks and welding household objects, the HK200A IGBT will be a suitable choice.

This product also features an anti-shock function, making it ideal for use during rainy seasons. Additionally, its integration of multiple special features will help users work quickly and achieve a high efficiency.

Accessories included:

  • Electrode Holder with 5 m Cable;
  • Work Clamp with 2 m Cable


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