MIG welding machine MIG 250 PRO 1

MIG welding machine MIG 250 PRO 1

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  • Top-of-the-line PRO series product of Hong Ky.
  • Equipped with two wire feed rollers with grooves of 0.8mm-1.0mm and 1.0mm-1.2mm, allowing easy switching to match different wire sizes.
  • Capable of welding on thickness from 0.8mm and up to 3mm with one layer, and multiple layers on thick materials.
  • Accurate display of welding current and output voltage during welding. Improved arc performance, minimizing spatter during welding.
  • Allows easy voltage adjustment according to wire speed settings.
  • Equipped with an industrial socket with a water shield, supplying 36V power for CO2 flowmeter.
  •  Quick assembly and easy operation with a easy-to-use front panel.
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Product Information

The MIG 250 PRO 1 welding machine is produced by Hong Ky Corp, optimized Inverter technology to achieve energy savings of 50% - 60%, high operating efficiency, and suitability for small to large workshops and factories. The machine features overload and overheating protection, digital display of current and voltage, modern and convenient design, and can operate even with weak power (< 180V).

Applications: Can weld on various materials, suitable for welding stainless steel, iron, household and industrial applications.

In order to break the limitations of existing welding machines in the market, Hong Ky has conducted research and development to bring MIG 250 PRO 1 welding machine with many superior advantages.

MIG welding machine MIG 250 PRO 1

Powerful capacity: Mig 250 PRO 1 belongs to the premium PRO series, utilizing 1-phase 220V power supply and Inverter technology. The MIG 250 PRO 1 welding machine has a powerful output capacity of 10.2 KVA, allowing for efficient and fast work, compatible with wire spools from 0.8mm to 1.2mm and an internal wire feeder. The current can be adjusted from 100A to 250A. The duty cycle reaches 100% at 30°C, allowing the MIG250 PRO 1 to weld continuously at 250A in normal conditions without overheating.

The Mig 250 PRO 1 welding machine is a versatile device as it can weld stainless steel, iron, steel, etc., and is capable of producing nice-look welds on thin materials, with unlimited welding time, sensitive arc ignition, and excellent heat dissipation.

Modern and convenient design: With a weight of 27kg, the machine has a sturdy and robust design, making it convenient for users to operate and transport in different working conditions. The welding current and voltage digital display allows users to easily monitor the working level of the machine and make adjustments.

Energy-saving and safety features:

The advantage of the Mig 250 PRO 1 welding machine is its ability to operate stably even in low power. Applying the outstanding advantages of Inverter technology, the machine can save energy by 50% - 60% compared to traditional stick welding machines. The MIG 250 PRO 1 electronic welding machine also features protection mechanisms (automatic shut-off) for overheat, overload, or unstable power supply, ensuring long-lasting performance. The anti-shock feature (250TP, 315l, 400l) guarantees user safety when working with the Mig 250 PRO 1 in humid environments.

Energy-saving with automatic cooling fan mechanism: The fan only starts when the internal temperature the machine reaches up 40°C. After cooling, when the temperature drops to around 35°C, the fan automatically stops. This helps save energy and minimize dust intake into the machine.

The MIG 250 PRO 1 is currently the top choice for professional welders. With high performance, stable operation, and numerous outstanding features, the MIG 250 PRO 1 promises to be a reliable companion for welders in reaching the peak of their careers.

Accessories included:

  • MIG torch with a 3m cable.
  • Wire drive rolls: V-groove drive rolls used for solid steel and stainless steel wires, with groove sizes of 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm.
  • CO2 flow meter - 36VAC.
  • Mass clamp with a 3m welding cable.
  • 3m gas hose.
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