MIG welding machine MIG 500 PRO

MIG welding machine MIG 500 PRO

Code: MIG 500 PRO
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  • Application of IGBT technology
  • Flexible control of MIG welding gun with 2T/4TA/4TB modes
  • External wire feeder
  • 10m welding cable
  • 3m MIG gun
  • 5m cooling cable
  • Energy-saving mechanism
  • Suitable for heavy-duty industries: steel structures, shipbuilding, pressure vessels
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Product Information

The MIG 500 PRO welding machine belongs to the high-end PRO series, researched and manufactured by Hong Ky in Vietnam. It is one of the most advanced and modern products on the market recently, with outstanding features such as:

Powerful working capacity:

Provides an output welding current up to 500A.

Performs well with welding wire diameters of 1.0mm - 1.6mm.

The working efficiency reaches 100% at 30°C, allowing continuous welding at 500A in normal conditions without overheating.

Indicator lights for overheating, overcurrent, or unstable power supply:

Signals when the internal temperature exceeds the allowable limit to protect the device

Alerts when the input power supply is unstable (overvoltage or undervoltage) and protects the equipment from overcurrent conditions.

Energy-saving with an automatic cooling fan:

The fan only starts operating when the temperature reaches approximately 52°C and automatically stops when the internal temperature drops to around 40°C. This helps save energy consumption and minimize dust intake.

Improved arc flow by inductance function:

The inductance function adjusts the slope of output welding power, improving the arc flow during welding and reducing spatter.

Convenience with 2T/4TA/4TB modes for the MIG welding gun:

2T mode: This mode allows direct adjustment of parameters on the wire feeder. This makes work easier and more convenient. With this mode, users only need to press the trigger to start welding and release it to stop welding.

4TA mode: When switched to this mode, it also allows direct adjustment of parameters on the wire feeder. However, the welding operation is different from the 2T mode. In this mode, users press and release the gun trigger to start, weld without holding the trigger on and stop by pressing and releasing the trigger again.

4TB mode: With this mode, when users press the trigger for the first time, welding is performed according to the parameters set on the wire feeder. Squeezing and HOLDING the trigger for the second time will weld according to the values set on the machine. To stop welding, simply release the trigger.

Accessories included:

  • 01 set of 3m MIG gun cable, made of 100% copper
  • 01 set of 5m mass clamp cable, also made of 100% copper
  • 01 CO2 gauge
  • 01 set of welding carriage + 01 integrated welding cable, 10m long
  • Wire feed rollers: 1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm
  • Welding nozzles: 1.0, 1.2, 1.6mm
  • 1 piece of 3-phase power cable, 2m long
  • 1 hex wrench with a diameter of 8mm
  • 1 gas hose, 3m long

With the above-mentioned superior features, the MIG 500 PRO is worthy of being a reliable companion for professional welders in their pursuit of excellence. Call us at (+84) 909 073 505 now for assistance.


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