Welding transformers HK H250D

Welding transformers HK H250D

Code: HK H250D
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  • Application: Specialized for use in the iron fabrication and construction industries
  • Copper and aluminum wires insulated with a layer of asbestos can withstand temperatures exceeding 250°C.
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Specification HK H250D
Input Voltage (V) 1 phase 220V - 380V (2 phase wires)
Power Output (KVA) 18
Output Current (A) 250
Output Voltage (V) 60 - 70
Weight (Kg) 65
Welding stick size (mm) 2.6 - 4.0
Product Information

As a well-known and reputable brand in the market, the Hong Ky HK H250D arc welding machine is manufactured based on advanced scientific research and is trusted by customers.

Powerful Performance

The HK H250D belongs to the 220V/380V arc welding machine series, compatible with both single-phase 220V and two-phase 380V power sources. The machine boasts a robust output power of 18 KVA, suitable for welding electrodes from 2.6mm to 4.0mm, thus significantly enhancing work efficiency. It has a current output of 250A and an output voltage from 60 to 70V, operating at a frequency of 50/60 Hz. The machine is designed to ensure sufficient power, stable work performance, and the ability to handle high-power tasks.

The HK H250D transformer welding machine is specialized for use in the iron and construction engineering industries, capable of welding various surfaces with different shapes. The product delivers high-quality welds with a beautiful appearance and deep penetration into the workpiece. The HK H250D is a medium-sized welding machine widely used in workshops, metalworking, structural steel welding, construction projects, civil applications, and industrial manufacturing.

Convenient Design

The HK H250D weighs an average of 65 kg and features a modern, compact, and sturdy design, saving space when placed in workshops. It is suitable for use in various fields and different working conditions. The machine's bottom is equipped with four wheels, making it convenient for users to transport it on any terrain, either by pulling or pushing.

High Durability

The copper wires of the HK H250D transformer welding machine are insulated with a heat-resistant asbestos layer from Japan, capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 2500°C, ensuring durability. Produced on automated production lines using CNC technology, the product achieves high precision, energy savings, time savings, and enhanced work efficiency, maximizing the machine's lifespan and safety.

Like other welding machines, Hong Ky offers a 24-month official warranty for the HK H250D.

Currently, Hong Ky's welding machine products have been improved and enhanced in quality, with high-precision machining and durable performance, along with energy savings. Vietnamese high-quality products, Hong Ky welding machines always meet customer needs. Hong Ky manufactures various types of welding machines. To purchase a product that suits your specific needs quickly and conveniently, please contact us for consultancy.

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